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Charlie Murphy, Dead at 57

By Phillip Acevedo on 4/12/17 at 5:06pm

After a loss to leukemia, the comedy icon died today at 57.

According to TMZ, Charlie Murphy had been undergoing chemotherapy. But after a battle with leukemia, Murphy was pronounced dead in a New York hospital.

These are two of his last Tweets:

The Murphy family have spoken to the media since Charlie’s death. Richard Murphy, 43, said, “He was doing well, but he contracted pneumonia and that’s what took him out. His body wasn’t strong enough to fight the infection. It was very sudden.”

Eddie Murphy’s publicist spoke out, “Our hearts are heavy with the loss today of our son, brother, father, uncle and friend Charlie.”

Friends and fellow comedians react on social media.

On the D.L Hughley show, Hughley said, “I can’t pretend like I didn’t know he was sick, but I thought that the way he handled himself and the way that he laughed that he would be alright,”

Charlie Murphy has been active in movies and comedy for over 25 years.

But, it was not until the mid 2000’s when Charlie Murphy received love and praise by fans for being a writer on Chappelle’s Show. His fan base sky-rocketed with the popular segment “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.”

Murphy was currently touring for The Comedy Get Down Tour with comedians Eddie Griffin, D.L. Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer, and George Lopez.

Eddie Griffin stated, “Charlie Murphy was the greatest storyteller I ever had the privilege of hanging around. He would tell a story and not miss an inflection or a single detail. But all that aside, the number one thing about him was that he was a great family man, a great father. That was his main concern.”


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