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ICYMI: Wonder Woman Trailer Gives Audience Solid Origin Story

By Phillip Acevedo on 3/12/17 at 11:50

“This June, witness the future of justice.”

Yesterday on Twitter, Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, shared a new trailer for the latest adventure in DC Films, Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros. also dropped the trailer during the Kids Choice Awards.

What’s very cool about this trailer is that it gives us a better idea of where Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, comes from.

We see footage of her being raised as a child in Themyscira. Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, introduces her the ways of being a true warrior with brutal training sessions.

Then the trailer drifts off as Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, shows up and informs Diana and the Amazons that the world has gone to war. Diana leaves Themyscira to help the Americans fight World War 1.

If you’re a DC fan, then you might think that Wonder Woman villain Ares, God of War, might be behind World War 1.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t reveal who the main baddy in this movie is. And that might be a good thing!

Wonder Woman will be in theaters on June 2 and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nelson and Robin Wright and is directed by Patty Jenkins.


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