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Arnold Schwarzenegger Weighs In On Trump’s Immigration Ban

By Phillip Acevedo on 02/01/2017 at 5:32 pm

“It’s crazy. Makes us look stupid.”

The star of “The Apprentice” Arnold Schwarzenegger held nothing back when asked about President Trump’s immigration ban.

Schwarzenegger, a well-known Republican and immigrant from Austria, sat down with Extra’s Mario Lopez at Universal Studios and touched up on this season of The Apprentice.

When asked about the recent immigration ban made by the Trump Administration, here’s what the former governor of California had to say:

“To go and ban people who have a green card, that means that the United States of America has given you permission to work here permanently and you are on the way to permanent citizenship… I was in that position,” Schwarzenegger said. “It’s crazy, it’s crazy and makes us look stupid when the White House is ill-prepared to put this kind of executive order out there.”


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