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Prince Will Now Be Available On Streaming Services Soon

By Phillip Acevedo 1/31/17 at 8:31 PM



It has been almost one year since the untimely death of Prince. And fans all around the world are still feeling the residue from Prince being one of many iconic public figures who passed away in 2016.

And to add more weight to Prince fans, it has been very difficult to find his music online! Good luck trying to find his studio albums like Purple Rain on YouTube. Although you can find that unforgettable Super Bowl performance from 2007 there!

Check it out here:


If you’re not listening the actual physical records or CD’s, chances are you’re downloading them on iTunes, or finding “other methods” of downloading Prince’s music.

All that is FINALLY about to change. This week, Spotify has been leaving purple advertising banners in New York and London. This is leading fans to believe in the potential of Prince’s music finding a home in the streaming service.


Well, the rumors are true! It took 19 months, but a deal has been made with Warner Music and Spotify. Starting on February 12, coincidentally the same night of the Grammy’s, Prince’s entire catalog of music will now be available to stream on Spotify.

Even though Warner Music still owns the rights to almost every Prince song, there can be some serious potential to hear some unreleased recordings by the artist.

You can finally put that Purple Rain CD that rests in your car stereo to rest.


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