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Space Jam Turns 20

Nostalgia doesn’t play defense.

The 90’s had some movies that were known by kids as masterpieces. Fast forward to 2016, these now 20-something-year-old kids will revisit these classic movies they loved as a kid. As soon as they’re 15 minutes in, they usually say things like, “God, this is so bad! But it was amazing when I was a kid!”
Or, “Dude, this is so bad, it’s good!”

Honestly, ask yourself, “When’s the last time I watched Space Jam?”

You might wanna check it out again. And please, I’d like to hear your thoughts now that you like to critique every movie these days. Because if 2016 spawned anything…..its snobby movie critics.

And what better time to watch Space Jam again than the FUCKING 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY?! Yes, that’s right. Space Jam is 20 years old today!

Check out the original trailer:

So now that Space Jam has offfically made you feel old and you have now labeled it as one of those “so bad, it’s good” movies, what now?

Well, it was confirmed earlier this year that Lebron James will star in the sequel.

Also, sneaker heads around the world are anxiously waiting for the legendary Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”. But they will have to wait until December 17. And I hope they’re ready to pay $220 for a pair. Believe me, they’re ready.

Here are the official photos of the Jordan 11 Retro Space Jams

Jordan Brand released this cool teaser of the Monstars in honor of the 20 year anniversary of the movie release.

So how did you celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Space Jam? Did you dig up the VHS somewhere in your garage? Did you start saving up for the Jordan’s? Or do you not care because you don’t get hung up on 90’s nostalgia because you’re too focused on what’s happening in the now?

Phillip Acevedo (Axial Skeleton Founder)


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