Best & Worst Movies of Summer 2016


For movies, Summer 2016 is….well, it is what it is, right?

This summer was a very interesting one for movies. “Interesting” is probably a too generous of a word to use to describe it. It seemed like a very promising summer movie season once we all saw the success of Captain America Civil War. Then we started getting movies like Independence Day Resurgence.


And then there were those movies that were acceptable amongst fans and critics like Ghostbusters or Suicide Squad.

Here’s what critics and fans name their WORST of Summer 2016:

The Angry Birds Movie



Alice Through The Looking Glass

Independence Day: Resurgence


The Darkness

Ice Age Collision Course


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Here are some movies that are named the BEST of Summer 2016

Finding Dory


The Nice Guys


Captain America Civil War

Swiss Army Man

Star Trek Beyond

The Jungle Book

Kubo and the Two Strings

The Neon Demon

Don’t Think Twice

Love and Friendship

The Lobster


Hell or High Water

And here’s a small list of movies that were divisive amongst critics and fans. Either critics loved them, and the fans did not. Or vice versa. And there’s even that one special case where you loved a certain movie, but your best friend hated it. And then you go on a podcast and have debates on why your best friend is wrong.

Suicide Squad



Hands of Stone

apocalypse X-Men Apocalypse

The Purge Election Year

Jason Bourne 

There’s no denying this summer had some really good movie and some pretty shitty movies. But, we wanna know what was your favorite movie of the summer, and also, what was that one movie that almost made you puke after seeing it? Let us know!  


Phillip Acevedo (Axial Skeleton Founder) 






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