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WATCH: The first trailer for X-Men Apocalypse!!


So, It’s safe to say that En Sabah Nur has no relation to Ivan Ooze. Because he totally just MORPHED INTO A 14 FOOT MONSTER!! YES!

Watch the trailer here:


It’s looking like Oscar Isaac will be playing the big baddy known as Apocalypse in a very epic way! All the X-Men we know and love make an appearance (except Wolverine, which is Wolverine).

prof X

And we finally see a bald James McAvoy! And Rose Byrne is back too! And….oh yeah…Jennifer Lawrence. Not saying anything bad about her, but it would be nice to see more Mystique and less Raven.

And could we have more Psylocke for the next trailer? Thanks!

It’s an epic trailer, no doubt about that, but what do you guys think? Does a14 foot Apocalypse give you hope? Are you excited to see Jean, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Storm make a comeback? What were your favorite parts from the trailer? Let us know! Axial On!


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