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Yes….Die Hard 6 is really happening


Fox and Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman are developing a new chapter in the Die Hard series.

Bruce Willis is set to come back, and it’s gonna be none other than a, you guessed it, A MOTHER-LOVING PREQUEL….kinda.



The structured premise is that Willis will be playing the ultra badass NYPD cop John McClane in the present time. However, most of the story will take place in 1979 and will focus on a young John McClane in New York City. The 70’s setting will be “showing how he became a Die Hard kind of guy.”


With the last Die Hard film “A Good Day to Die Hard” being so horrible, is there hope that this pitch for a Die Hard prequel can save the franchise from….dying any harder? 😉

No script has been written yet. Regardless on how critically sought out the last Die Hard film was, these are still BIG money makers. ‘Die Hard 5’ made over $300 million at the global box office.

How do you feel about this Die Hard prequel/sequel? Who do you think should play the young John McClane? Is there any possibility of seeing a young Hans Gruber? Axial On!

—written by: Phillip Acevedo


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