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Friday the 13th Video Game Trailer!


Jason Voorhees is coming back to video games!

Even though we’ve recently played him as an unlockable character in the latest Mortal Kombat game, the hockey mask-wearing killer is getting his own game again!

Remember when you were too scared to play the Friday the 13th video game for the NES when you were a kid? Well, that feeling might be coming back now that good ol’ Jason Voorhees is making a triumphant return to video games!

Set to be available on PS4, XBOX One, and PC, we wont be seeing this slasher game until next fall. However, a Kickstarter campaign is going strong for the completion of the game.

The developers even state that you can play as Jason and slash as many camp counselors as you want! Maybe some GTA V style engine?

Check out the announcement trailer here:

What do you think? Are you excited to play Friday the 13th game? Which horror franchise do you think will make a great video game? Let us know! Axial On!


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