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Randy Orton has moved on…to another Galaxy!


These popular Randy Orton RKO videos are pretty hard to counter (kinda like an actual RKO).

You can jump on your Facebook timeline and notice your buddy sharing a video of Randy Orton RKO-ing a Great White Shark or a rocket ship, or even The Incredible Hulk. And don’t get us started with all the Shia Lebeouf videos. Those have been getting really creative lately.

They’re pretty much everywhere, right? Well, we’re just adding fuel to the flame! Oh! Outta nowhere!


Vidgeo, the guys who upload all the RKO videos, including that epice Randy Orton vs Superman video, wrote a description on their latest video. “After Shia Labeouf and the rebels have been brutally overpowered by the Empire on their newly established base, Randy Orton takes advanced RKO training with Luke Skywalker, while his friends are pursued by Jean-Claude Van Damme as part of his plan to capture Luke.”

Oh boy.

What did you guys think? What is your favorite Randy Orton RKO Shia Labeouf combo video? Axial On!


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