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PS4’s 3.00 Update (What to expect)


Codenamed “Kenshin” this new update will bring some brand new features to the Playstation 4 dashboard.

The update is focused on creating new ways to connect with friends and players around the world, expanding the social capabilities of the system even further.


One feature that’s showcased in the update is the ability to share video clips on Twitter. A player can easily share their videos on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Not to mention, users are now able to live stream gameplay on YouTube.


The Playstation Plus also received an update. Members can now easily manage their memberships, see the monthly free downloadable games, and all the PS Plus deals and redeemable games through PS Plus on PS4.

Users are now able to go PNG instead of JPEG. If you’d like to screenshot a higher quality image, you’re now able to select PNG.

Building communities will be a very awesome feature for PS4 users. Now you will be able to create communities based on shared interests, liked games, genres, and more. Communities will include a message board.

“Kenshin” is available to download on your PS4 now.


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