Awesome disaster movies to watch!

In honor of San Andreas crashing into theaters everywhere this weekend, I came up with a cool list of awesome disaster movies we’ve all have come to love.

Keep in mind; these films don’t involve invading aliens from another planet. That’s kind of another category, right? Let’s start with #5!


5.) Volcano (1997) – When a big earthquake hits Los Angeles, Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche discover that there’s more to this chaos than an earthquake. It’s a freakin’ giant underground volcano!

First of all, this movie is not to be taken seriously. I chose this over Dante’s Peak basically because it was less boring than Dante’s Peak. The plot is pretty standard and it’s pretty much a big budget special effects show. What really made this disaster movie enjoyable to watch was Tommy Lee Jones and his charisma.

SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE -- Pictured: sharks, Empire State Building -- (Photo by: Syfy)

4.) Sharknado (2013) – You didn’t think we were gonna exclude Sharknado, did you? A massive storm brings thousands of psychotic, disgusting, man-eating sharks onto the streets of Los Angeles. This tornado formed of sharks destroys and eat everything in their path.

Fuck sharks! And fuck tornadoes! That is all!


3.) Twister (1996) – Two passionate meteorologists (storm chasers) develop a machine known as DOROTHY. This machine, when grasped by a tornado, releases hundreds of little sensors into the twister and a bunch of other science happens. However, how far are they willing to go to see this project succeed?

This film is not about the awesome special effects and sound. Not even Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt! It’s about Philip Seymour Freakin’ Hoffman! “The Extreme!” The flying cow came in a close second place!


2.) Contagion (2011) – This movie doesn’t involve huge earthquakes, or asteroids coming to earth. Contagion is about a lethal airborne virus that spreads on a global level. There’s a group of scientists and doctors that unite to find a cure and control the mayhem this deadly virus is causing.

With an all-star cast and Steven Soderbergh in the director’s chair, this movie was excellent filmmaking and generally a well-developed film. It was more like a realistic 28 Days Later with some heavy emotion and intelligence.


1.) Armageddon (1998) – Coming from directing great action films like Bad Boys and The Rock, Michael Bay directs the most fun disaster film ever. When NASA discovers an asteroid “the size of Texas” heading straight for Earth, they, and the rest of the planet, rely on a group of oil-drilling roughnecks led by Bruce Willis to stop the asteroid from hitting our planet.

Even though the plan to stop the asteroid is arguably the stupidest plan of all time, that does not stop the fact that this movie is a hell of a good time! You got an amazing cast that provide some great comedy, not to mention Steve Freakin’ Buscemi!


With all the countdowns, destruction, explosions, and Ben Affleck’s tears, this sure as hell is one hell of a thrill ride! Armageddon is the kind of popcorn action movie you and your buddies can sit and enjoy with some cold beers.

So that’s our cool little list of disaster movies that are worth your time. Of course there are some I left out like Day After Tomorrow and Deep Impact. But I feel like these 5 movies will keep you entertained and won’t leave you snoring.

What’s your favorite disaster movie?


Go see San Andreas this weekend! Be on the lookout for my review coming soon!

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Posted By: Phillip Acevedo


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