Are movies based on Disney attractions any good?


Are you going to the movies this weekend? Of course you are! The summer blockbuster season is still in full force, so why wouldn’t you spend some time at a movie theater? You might go see Avengers: Age of Ultron again. Maybe this time to try and spot some easter eggs you didn’t see the first time?

Maybe you heard all the mad buzz about Mad Max: Fury Road and decided to go check it out? YOU SHOULD! IT’S AMAZING! Maybe you’re going to the movies to catch a good scare. Well, there’s the remake to 1982’s Poltergeist! I’m pretty sure it won’t live up to the original, but it can still be a fun flick to watch, nonetheless.

Or maybe you’re one of those crazy Disney freaks who goes to Disneyland 2 to 3 times a week? Are you excited for Tomorrowland? It looks pretty good! Brad Bird has produced some good Disney films in the past like The Incredibles. (We wrote up a news article about him somewhere down the blog)

It only makes sense that Tomorrowland will be the big moneymaker for the Memorial Day weekend. You got a very popular Disneyland attraction. There’s George Clooney in front of the camera, and a respected director behind the camera.

After reading a few early reviews, it seems like Tomorrowland will be decent. And let’s be honest, there really wasn’t a whole of hype for this movie to begin with! I’m hearing more and more people still going crazy over ‘Mad Max’. I personally love it when movie trailers don’t show the whole freakin’ movie. Fortunately, Tomorrowland is one of them. We’ve only seen some cool random visual shots of Tomorrowland, some dialogue between Clooney and some girl who found a magic pin. A couple of action scenes here and there and that’s about it! That’s good!

Here’s a question for you? Are movies based on Disney attractions any good? I mean, there have been some very bad ones out there like The Country Bears and The Haunted Mansion. But then again, there have been some successful ones like the ‘Pirates’ movies.

Have they made a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride movie? I loved that ride when I was a kid! I’m not much of a Disney guy these days. Which is why I had to do some research for this article. Not to mention, we’re only talking about live-action films, here. Have there been any animated Disney films based off of a ride? Help me, Disney freaks!

But it seems that the first ‘Pirates’ movie is the best movie based off a Disney attraction.


The first Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie of the bunch. It was our first introduction to a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced action/adventure film with sword fights, supernatural stuff, canon fire, and a cool character named Captain Jack Sparrow. Best thing about the first ‘Pirates’ movie was that it was SIMPLE! With a fresh score of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes, Disney scored big with this one.


Then came The Haunted Mansion. This movie came out during Eddie Murphy’s downfall. ‘Haunted Mansion’ didn’t give us any hope for an Eddie Murphy comeback. Not. One. Bit. It bombed at the box office. It was pretty damn terrible. It was actually painful to watch. Did the kids even enjoy it? Critics and the box office sure didn’t. Apparently, Disney was too focused with continuing with their Pirates franchise.

Unfortunately, the ‘Pirates’ sequels sucked. It had some cool moments, but no. With scores as low as 33% on Rotten Tomatoes for the sequels, it sill didn’t matter because they still made a crap load of money! And regardless if you care about the fifth one being made or not, you can bet that it’ll make lots and lots of money. Thanks, general audience.

It looks like movies based on rides or attractions don’t have be high quality as long as they sell….REALLY SELL! Of course, there have been other movies that were kinda sorta based on Disney rides. ‘Tower of Terror’ was from that straight-to-TV movie with Kirsten Dunst and Mission to Mars was influenced by an attraction in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. But those obviously didn’t perform well at the box office. Otherwise, they’d be on Mission To Mars 9: We’ve Booked A Flight Home by now.

As far as quality goes, it seems like the Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl has got to be the best movie based on a Disney ride. Wasn’t there Oscar talk for Depp’s performance? I’ll have to check that out. Too lazy right now. As I mentioned, the simplicity in the first ‘Pirates’ movie and Depp’s guyliner was what got us excited. Even though we didn’t ask for sequels, we went and watched them anyway.

I’ll wait until DVD for the fifith one, just how I did for the fourth. The feeling of not wasting gas driving to a theater to see a movie you know is gonna suck is very amusing.

Will Tomorrowland become the new Pirates of the Caribbean? Will this be the only good movie of a potential trilogy, or quadrilogy? Is that even a word? No official word of a sequel yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear one soon.

And if Tomorrowland does get sequels, will Disney follow the same “SELL! SELL! SELL!” strategy? Time will tell. Tomorrowland hits the screens this weekend!

Oh, I’m calling it right now: Matterhorn will be the next Disneyland ride-inspired film. Starring Vincent Chase!

Axial on!

Posted by: Phillip Acevedo


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