The Skeleton Crew Goes To Springfield!


This past weekend, we went to Universal Studios Hollywood. This was AD’s first time at the theme park since elementary school. Jim and Phill have paid slightly recent visits. One of the main reasons why we took this trip is because we are big fans of The Simpsons. And, as you may have heard, Universal Studios opened up their Springfield attraction last week. We had to go! So we called upon a mandatory road trip to the hometown of America’s favorite family!


The weather was nice as we arrived to LA. As we walk into Universal CitiWalk, we notice a small camera crew filming an interview. Out of nowhere Howie Mandel walks right past us.

“Dude, was that Howie Mandel? That was totally Howie Mandel!” AD freaks out.

As we pay for our admission into the park, I noticed the price increase. I don’t remember it being this pricey last time I came? But then again, this isn’t the same Universal Studios Hollywood. They have been adding more and more new rides and attractions lately. It was bound to get a price increase.

We get super excited as we make our way into the park! The place was packed with the usual attendants. There were the local Hollywood hipsters and the WAY out of town tourists roaming the park.

As we pass by The Mummy and Beetlejuice taking pictures with people, we find Springfield! It’s HUGE! As we enter Springfield, we find Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa taking pictures with all the guests. We see the long line forming outside of the The Simpsons Ride at KrustyLand.


There was so much to do! We realized this was going to take a few hours to cover. We needed a little liquid courage to help us get through this adventurous day. So we made our first stop at Moe’s Tavern!

Moe’s was straight out of the cartoon! The bartenders were dressed just like Moe. There was even a fake telephone that if picked up, you’d get a prank call from Bart.


I was really happy when I found out Duff Beer was actually real beer. They even had Duff Light and Duff Dry. The “Duff Beer Gardens” was conveniently located across from Moe’s. Apparently the real Duff brewery is in Florida. The beer itself tasted like Newcastle mixed with a little bit of Bud Light. AD thought it was ok. Phill and Jim like it so much, they had several more.


Besides Moe’s and The Duff Brewery, Springfield also featured some legit places to grab a bite to eat. You can grub on a good Krusty Burger at Krusty Burgers, a giant size donut at Lard Lad Donuts, some pizza or pasta over at Luigi’s Italian restaurant or some good ice cream at Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlor.

AD bought a caramel bacon donut. It was actually not bad.


Simpsons fans, like us, would recognize some familiar structures sighted around Springfield. There’s the Mr. Burns’ nuclear cooling towers, Android’s Comic Book Store, The Kwik-E mart and much more.


Try out the food and Duff Beer. The Donuts come in different flavors and toppings; try them all! Hang out with Sideshow Bob and Chief Wiggum. After you’re done riding The Simpsons Ride, go play some games and win some prizes.

Overall, Springfield USA at Universal Studios is a must-see experience. It was a whole lot of fun and we encourage everyone, fans of the show or not, to experience it. Like every other theme park, if you go on a weekday, I’m pretty sure you won’t experience long lines, like we did.


We can’t wait to check out Springfield and the rest of Universal Studios again. We got annual passes, so it’d be really cool if you’d join us on our next visit.

Axial On!

Posted by: Phillip Acevedo


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