7 Great Post-Apocalyptic Films

As we shift gears into Mad Max: Fury Road, we wanted to throw a few post-apocalyptic flicks at ya. Of course, this was a tough list to put together because there are some really unforgettable ones out there. Plus, these are movies are easily accessible on Netflix or other streaming services.

And keep in mind; these movies don’t involve time travel (Sorry, Terminator and 12 Monkeys).


7.) Night of the Comet (1984) – If you and your friends were the last remaining humans on Earth, where would you go? Shopping! Duh! This cult classic is about two young women who think they’re the only survivors left after an event occurred where a comet passes through earth. However, this comet left some deadly effects to people who were exposed to it. Millions turned into dust, while others turned into zombies.

We follow our heroes Reggie and her 16-year-old sister Sam as they try to discover the truth behind everyone’s disappearance. But first, let’s stop by the mall.

This super silly, yet super fun B-movie has elements of a George Romero film that couldn’t have been made in any other time period but the 80’s. It’s almost as though it was a parody.


6.) The Book of Eli (2010) – Denzel Washington plays a badass living in a very violent wasteland who carries the key to humanity’s survival: a bible. Gary Oldman, no stranger to playing awesome bad guys) is the ruthless gang leader who wants this scared bible.

It’s not a great film, but it has some intense action scenes that fit very well in the post apocalyptic genre. Also, the production design made the setting very believable. And Denzel was simply badass!


5.) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) – The sequel to ‘Rise’ is arguably a better film than its predecessor. This time around, we find Caesar and his family living in a more organized ape society. Of course, tensions rise when they come across some humans that need to start up a generator so they can continue living in a ruined, yet not completely hopeless, wasteland.

This movie was very smart with complex characters and a brilliant performance by Andy Serkis. The story, character development, and special effects prove that this was, not only a good sequel, but a very enjoyable post-apocalyptic film anyone can watch multiple times.


4.) Dawn of the Dead (1978) – You didn’t think we were gonna make a list of “Great Post-Apocalyptic Movies” without including a George A. Romero film, did you? This sequel was a much faster-paced and overall more “prettier” to watch than Night of the Living Dead.

Dawn of the Dead has always been my favorite of the “Of the Dead” films and is arguably the best Zombie movie of all time. Its violent, it’s gruesome, it’s disgusting, and it’s brilliant.


3.) 28 Days Later (2003) – After a deadly virus is spread throughout Britain, Cillian Murphy wakes up in a totally messed up hospital with no idea what’s going on. He meets a few other survivors that explain to him that this infection is transmitted by blood and fills the victims with rage in seconds. To make matters worse, the small group of survivors come across a unit of soldiers who turn out to be some real assholes.

Director of Trainspotting and The Beach Danny Boyle crafted a very realistic and believable story and setting. He also proves that the “the infected” don’t always have to be slow-walking zombies. In this movie, they run. And they run fast as hell. Which is scary as hell! This movie also turned me into a manic germaphobe.


2.) SnowPiercer (2014) – Director of The Host crafted this solid post-apocalyptic thriller that delivers some very powerful stuff. After a failed global-warming experiment wipes out nearly every living thing on the planet, the last remaining humans on earth are on board the SNOWPIERCER, a non-stop train that needs to travel around the earth in order to keep the survivors in a warm and somewhat civilized environment.

The passengers at the back of the train, which are the lower class of society, receive some disturbing information about the train, and the people operating it. This leads to a giant revolt against the upper class and becomes a game of survival.

This film was and tense and thrilling ride. The action and violence is compelling. This is a very original science fiction story with some socio/political metaphors thrown at the audience. And let’s not forget Chris Evans’ ‘baby’ monologue. Holy shit, dude!


1.) Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981): Well, of course we had to end the list with a Mad Max movie! I mean, come on! This follow-up to George Miller’s Mad Max is up on the list of amazing sequels like The Godfather 2 and The Empire Strikes Back.

After the death of his wife and child, Max has now become a wanderer. Max’s original plan was to steal oil (which is a far more valuable commodity than anything else in this world) from a group of survivors. He gets a change of heart and decides to fight along them against a violent band of savages led by Humungus. In the 80’s, Jason wasn’t the only scary guy in a hockey mask.

This is an epic, straightforward, nutty, masterpiece with some of the craziest stunts you’ll see in any action movie! It’s relentless and shows no mercy! The action is beyond exhilarating and timeless. It truly is a spectacle to watch.

With George Miller back in the director’s chair, we’re pretty sure we’re gonna love ‘Fury Road’ just as much as we love the rest of this franchise. I’m excited and cannot wait to strap myself in for this one!

So there you have it! Seven great post-apocalyptic movies everyone needs to see. I know there were some I left out like The Last Man on Earth or its remake I am Legend. And who can forget Waterworld or Shaun of the Dead?

 I’ve never seen A Boy and his Dog or Oblivion, but I’m pretty sure they’re enjoyable movies to watch.

Watch Mad Max: Fury Road! It rides into theaters this weekend! Let me know what you thought of it. Peace.


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