13 awkward films to watch with mom

We wanna wish all the moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day weekend! We hope your sons/daughters do something special for you!

So, what are YOU planning to do for your mom? Going out-of-town? Dinner? Hiking? How about staying at home and watching a good film? Well, we got you covered in that department!

Here’s a list of unusual movies that might not be the typical stuff, but your mom (being the cool chick that she already is) might actually end up liking it! The list starts off with the simple go-to stuff, but as the list increases, well…..you’ll see!


1.) Mrs. Doubtfire (1993): This is a film your mom has probably seen. And if she hasn’t, show it to her RIGHT NOW! It’s a fan favorite of the late Robin Williams. This movie is one of the best comedies of the 90’s and is honestly the only movie that seems “family appropriate” on this list.


2.) Back to the Future (1985) Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like traveling back in time to when your mom was a teenager……and she gets the hots for you.


3.) American Pie (1999): If you and your mom wanna laugh out to some gross nonsense teenage humor, then American Pie is the movie for you! Who knows? She might bring up some funny stories of you going through puberty in High School .


4.) Psycho (1962): “Well a boy’s best friend is his mother.” Need we say more?


5.) Lolita (1962): This Stanley Kubrick classic is comedy/drama about a middle-aged professor who becomes infatuated with a 14-year-old nympho. It’s actually not that bad to watch with mom because the movie came out in 1962 and censorship limitations are clearly there. The film leaves a lot to the audience’s imagination.


6.) Black Swan (2010): In your mom’s eyes, you are the best ballerina in the world. No matter how loony you get. Remember that!


7.) Seven (1995): This David Fincher detective drama will keep her on the edge of her seat. She’s gonna a flip when she finds out what’s in the box.


8.) Friday the 13th (1980): Another great mother/son horror classic. But this time, maybe it’ll be you who will be second-guessing your mom’s social life.


9.) American Psycho (2000): “Sabrina, don’t just stare at it. Eat it.” After watching this movie, she’ll probably start thinking you live a similar social life. Maybe she’s an actual fan of Huey Lewis and The News.


10.) Goodfellas (1990): The next time you ask your mom if you can borrow one of her kitchen knifes, she’s gonna go check the trunk of your car.


11.) Requiem for a Dream (2000): Show her this movie the next time she wants to try diet pills.


12.) Eyes Wide Shut (1999): You can count on Stanley Kubrick to raise eyebrows and drop jaws. But, we’re pretty sure your mom will get hooked with the intense drama.


13.) The Fly (1986): This Cronenberg classic will definitely leave your mom with a few “eewww” faces.

There were more movies we wanted to throw into the list like “The Human Centipede” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” “Kids” or maybe even “Showgirls” but we didn’t want to COMPLETELY ruin Mother’s Day for you.

Did we leave any movies out? Did we forget some? Let us know. Axial On!


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